Barbara Kaufmann
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Staff Health Challenge 2018 

The Challenge:

New Twitter tools - Venn (2).png

Pick a goal that you would like to work towards over the next 6 weeks.
This is an independent challenge, each person will pick something that is meaningful to them.
There is NO Sign up Sheet 
Weekly Outlook Forms will be sent out on Friday to track success!
Prizes to be won!

"Health" incorporates our Physical, Social, Mental & Emotional and Environmental Well-being. Choose a health goal that encompasses any of these dimensions (it doesn't have to be a Physical Health Challenge)

Start by asking yourself what would make life feel better.
Maybe it is more sleep, taking time to be with friends, setting aside relaxation time in the day, or to turn your phone off at 8pm.

The Intention: staff work hard all year to give to the schools and communities they are involved in. This is an opportunity to actively set aside time to focus on your health.

The Fun Part:
Results of the OutLook Form submissions will be "posted". Each participate will choose a "challenge name" to use throughout the 6 weeks. Successes will be tallied under this name (no personal names or e-mails will be public)
Draw prizes will be randomly drawn throughout the challenge.
When creating a
goal make sure it if something that you are passionate to achieve.


Check out the link to learn the Golden Rules to Setting Goals

Consider making a SMART goal:

Health Challenge Final Results.docx

Thank you to everyone who participated! Congratulations to our winners: Penny Lowe, Alexander Gilmore and Melissa Debruyne 


Goals of Health Promoting Schools Coordinator

·         To plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate programs, policies and environments that support health and embrace a Comprehensive School Health approach;

·         To build capacity of schools through evidence-based practices that inform health promotion knowledge, planning and action;

·         To help schools identify health goals and develop action plans to achieve those goals;

·         To establish and maintain a positive partnership with community, regional and provincial organizations that align with District Health Promoting goals.


Examples of How Health Promoting Schools Coordinator Can Contribute to Schools

·         Provide evidence-based programs, approaches and resources;

·         Provide one-on-one support for teachers & staff delivering health-related curriculum;

·         Facilitate workshops and in-services on healthy eating, physical activity, Mindfulness, gender & sexual diversity, and other topics;

·         Assist with training and implementing new Food & Beverage Sales Guidelines for Schools;

·         Assist with developing healthy fundraising programs;

·         Assist administrators & teachers to conduct Healthy Schools Assessments to determine where students/classes are at and identify priorities for healthy living;

·         Assist schools to form Healthy School Committees/Action Teams;

·         Present to PACs/parents on healthy topics;


I haven't created any classes yet!

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Staff Health Challenge April 23rd- June 1st (1-99).xlsx
5/8/2018 4:28 PMBarbara Kaufmann